About CVE: History 

A Christian Children’s home is a wonderful opportunity for relief and mission work as an outreach for lost souls. Due to the prevalence of shallow religions, mysticism and apathy in Mexico, there are many souls in need of a sincere, true and saving faith. A Children’s Home offers many opportunities to minister to children in need, parents or relatives of the children, employees of the children’s home, neighbors, friends and the community. A children’s home in Mexico offers team opportunities for church members and friends in a safe environment that our church controls. It provides short and long-term mission opportunities for Mexican and American brothers and sisters, and many work team construction opportunities.

In October 2003, a 25 acre property just south of Magdalena Mexico became available.  That property is now known as Casa Vida y Esperanza (CVE). Several brothers from the Apostolic Christian Church visited the area and felt God’s hand directing them and opening the way toward the purchase of that specific property with plans in mind to build an orphanage under the direction of the Apostolic Christian Church.

After much prayer and discussion regarding the purchase of this property, a non-profit corporation in which the title of the property would be held was formed. At the same time as the corporation was formed in Mexico, a U.S. non-profit organization was also formed, entitled “The House of Life and Hope” (the English equivalent of “Casa Vida y Esperanza”). A group of elder brothers set up a feasibility group to look into the proposed project more thoroughly, and set up the first House of Life and Hope board of directors.

The church officially purchased the property on August 16, 2004. The property contained a large main house and several buildings, although most were in disrepair. A tremendous amount of cleaning, repairs, additions and remodeling by staff and work teams allowed CVE to receive the first children in February 2005. Today the orphanage has more than 20 children and a team of staff members that care for the children, serve the needs of the church and community, and hosts fifteen plus work teams each year. CVE is in the process of building additional housing for children and staff.

The Lord has shown His guiding hand and amazing love for this work and this community. Prayerfully, with the support of the Apostolic Christian Church and prayers from each of you, CVE will continue to grow and expand under His direction.