Please join us in praying for the following:


  • For every person who passes through CVE, and that he or she would have no doubt that the primary goal of the home is to serve our Father in Heaven who is doing mighty things in this place, in this community, and in the hearts and minds of the children and caretakers residing here.
  • For the ministry of CVE as a blessing to the Apostolic Christian Church as a whole, and could have a positive influence on future attention and support given to missions work inside and outside the United States.
  • For the presence of our ministry to be an encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Magdalena
  • For willingness to grow spiritually and physically as transitions and changes take place.
  • For blessings on those who faithfully support our ministry and presence here in Magdalena:  those who pray for us, those who financially support us, those who lend their time and skills to help on work teams, visiting ministers and friends who come to share the Word of God and encourage us.


CVE Children:

  • For the children currently living here and their families, that they may grow in the love and truth of Christ.
  • For the children who are no longer here, but with whom God has allowed us the opportunity of sharing in part of their lives, and the added opportunity of exposing each one to the healing love of Christ.
  • For the children who will be coming in the future, and for wisdom in handling each and every case.


CVE Staff:

  • For wisdom, patience, and love in dealing with each and every child.
  • For God to bless each member of the staff with a better understanding of the culture and the language so that the gospel can speak and souls can be gathered to worship His name, and for direction in how to reach out to those souls.
  • For unity among the staff to work toward the common goal of serving our Father in heaven in this place.
  • For each and every staff member in his or her role(s), specific or otherwise.


Magdalena Community:

  • For the community to be receptive to our reaching out in friendship and love offered in the name of our Lord and Saviour.
  • For the development of trust between CVE and the community in general.
  • For the opportunities that God will provide for more individuals to attend church services, and feel called to become brothers and sisters in Christ.


Future of CVE:

  • For those God will call to CVE, or one of the many mission outreaches supported by our church, for clear direction, purpose, and willingness to go where and when God calls.
  • For direction and wisdom in starting a school.
  • For direction and wisdom in the growth of our young local church.
  • For expansion and development of the grounds to provide more homes for children.


CVE Board: